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Divers Action Group Northern Ireland (DAGNI) brings together divers (SCUBA, free, or snorkel) from around Northern Ireland to respond to current issues facing our marine environment. This involves responding to public consultations, proposing new sites for MPA designation, and highlighting harmful activities. ​

If you're a diver in NI waters and want to get involved in marine conservation, join us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

You don't need to be a marine scientist to join! We welcome all ocean lovers who want to help shape marine conservation in Northern Ireland.

DAGNI is purely a group of individuals – it is not affiliated with, or funded by, any organisation or political party.

DAGNI is coordinated by Constance Schéré and Libby Keatley.


Libby Keatley

Libby is an undergraduate student doing her BSc Natural Sciences (Biology) at the Open University. She is a keen diver and is a certified BSAC assistant diving instructor and Seasearch Observer.

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Constance Schéré

Constance is a marine scientist and PhD candidate at King's College London, studying the effectiveness of Irish Sea marine protected areas as a biophysical conservation tool. She is also involved in a number of citizen science projects relating to marine conservation, including Seasearch.



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